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Excellent podcast!

It’s not that I'm anti-podcast; it's just that I almost never listen to them. Still, when I came across the 9/2/21 episode of the Top 10 Time Machine, I thought I'd give it a five-minute whirl. I have especially fond musical memories from 1984 and was curious to see what songs would come up. Plus…


Less guest hosts otherwise perfect.

Love your podcast!!

I stumbled upon your podcast recently and am now going back and listening to all past episodes in order. Love going back in time to the past and reliving memories and seeing which songs still hold up and which don't.

The Pod That I Love

Absolutely love this podcast! Especially enjoyed this week’s episode, in which Milt and Dave finally come around to the saccharine-sweet and maudlin genius that is Air Supply. Clearly a supergroup that was way ahead of its time and a true dominitzing force. Milt and Dave are pop culture savants, wi…

Threads the Needle...

...of expertise, fun, engaging banter, self-deprecation. Super music knowledge, reminded of tunes I’ve missed and tunes I wish I had missed altogether. And they avoid the too common podcast perils of unfocused and smugness. Keep up the fine work guys!

An Excellent Listen

Discovering Past 10s podcast is much like finding about a new band after the release of their 3rd album. How did I miss this and where have I been? David and Michael have created a vehicle that cleverly allows for a fresh and unique look back at different eras of music that feels so familiar and w…

Not Bad... really do enjoy the show!!

I came to the podcast after week 5 and thought it to be the most cynical thing I had ever heard. Maybe I was the cynical one. I enjoy the look back that Milt and Dave provide. When the throw out subtleties In their conversation that is when they are the best. They don’t believe it but a really go…

If you love music, listen to this

Great tunes, interesting repartee, intriguing back stories; these guys are worth a listen.

Funny stuff

This podcast makes me laugh every time, and these guys have gotten better each time out.

Music Lovers Rejoice (Needless Parentheses)

This show is amazing! I started listening late, but I’m almost caught up now. The rapport between hosts Dave and Milt is palpable. You can tell they have a deep friendship and a history with listening to much of the music that winds up on these top 10 lists. Keep up the good work, guys! John from…

A go-to podcast for me!

Highly recommend for those who want to learn more about music, the artists behind the music, and be entertained in the process. Dave and Milt are hysterical!

Put me on this show!

Love, love, love this show. Like a time machine back to the countdown days. And oh by the way, this 80’s-obsessed listener used to keep a notebook of Casey Casey’s weekly countdowns and related stats like “Biggest Mover in the Countdown” and “Remake”. Also love that you guys do some research (or ar…

LOVE Reelin’ in the Years with these guys!

Love, love, LOVE this podcast! Michael (“Milt”) and David are so knowledgeable and have great chemistry and banter. They say things I am thinking! I am a big fan of the flux capacitor and all of their other pop culture references. This podcast really brings me back and their sometimes obscure, …

Brings me back

Each podcast surfaces a musical moment in time that makes me smile. The commentary makes me laugh. Hard. Wonderful interplay. Always enjoy the notification another episode is waiting. Keep it going!!

Fun flashback to top tens from my youth

I love this show! Milt and Dave really know their stuff and I always learn a new fact or two about an ol’ skool artist. As a loyal Casey Kasem weekly listener in the 80’s this podcast is a great facsimile of a kinder, gentler time when all we had was the radio and MTV. A must listen for all music f…


A trip down music memory lane with lots of fun trivia and commentary. I look forward to new episodes!


Super fun listen with a car full of people. Recommended for teens and up - as they go a bit PG13 with the commentary. These guys have us laughing, singing and reminiscing in a way that make the time fly...

Very entertaining

Found this podcast when looking for something a little different, and could not have been more pleased. The two hosts are great together and I find myself laughing out loud during each episode. Looking forward to more!

Great musical journey back in time!

As a big music fan, I really enjoyed this pod. Great info and trivia about the songs in the Top Ten for July 1976 (the top 5 songs are not to be believed). Dave and Milt have a great rapport-I felt like I was hanging with old friends. Looking forward to future episodes!